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AC/DC Battery Charger for Replacing HITACHI VM-AC80A, VM-AC82A, VM-AC83A, VM-AC84A, VM-AC85A

AC/DC Battery Charger for Replacing HITACHI VM-AC80A, VM-AC82A, VM-AC83A, VM-AC84A, VM-AC85A
Hitachi Battery Charger Equivalent
Item ID: SCHM005
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Usually ships within 24 hours
Selling Price: US $25.99



106.50 x 69.00 x 37.00 (mm)
Input: 100-240V, Ouput: 12V

Replaces the following Hitachi charger part numbers: VM-AC80A, VM-AC82A, VM-AC83A, VM-AC84A, VM-AC85A

Recharges the following Hitachi battery part numbers: VM-BP81, VM-BP82, VM-BP82A, VM-BP82G, VM-BP83, VM-BP83A, VM-BP84, VM-BP84A, VM-BP89, VM-BP91.

Designed for the following Hitachi camcorders:
VM-100, VM-200A, VM-210E, VM-500E,
VM-2000A, VM-2100A, VM-3000A, VM-3150,
VM-3150A, VM-5000, VM-5100A, VM-6000A, VM-6100A,
VM-E8, VM-E8E, VM-E10, VM-E10A, VM-E10E, VM-E15,
VM-E15A, VM-E15E, VM-E16E, VM-E18A, VM-E21,
VM-E21E, VM-E22, VM-E22A, VM-E22E, VM-E23,
VM-E23A, VM-E23E, VM-E25, VM-E25A, VM-E25E,
VM-E26, VM-E27, VM-E29, VM-E29E, VM-E31,
VM-E31E, VM-E38, VM-E44, VM-E52A, VM-E53,
VM-E53A, VM-E53E, VM-E54A, VM-E54E, VM-E55A,
VM-E56A, VM-E57A, VM-E57E, VM-E58A, VM-E71A,
VM-E81A, VM-E110A, VM-E120E, VM-E130A, VM-E210E,
VM-E220A, VM-E220E, VM-E228E, VM-E230A, VM-E230E,
VM-E310, VM-E310A, VM-E310E, VM-E410A, VM-E410E,
VM-E420, VM-E420E, VM-E510, VM-E510A, VM-E520A,
VM-E521A, VM-E521AC, VM-E535E, VM-E620A,
VM-E625LA, VM-E710A,
VM-H10, VM-H18, VM-H18A, VM-H18E, VM-H25E,
VM-H37, VM-H37E, VM-H38, VM-H38A, VM-H38E,
VM-H39, VM-H39A, VM-H39E, VM-H53E, VM-H57,
VM-H57A, VM-H57E, VM-H58, VM-H58E, VM-H59A,
VM-H59E, VM-H100, VM-H510E, VM-H520, VM-H520E,
VM-H610E, VM-H620A, VM-H620E, VM-H625,
VM-H710, VM-H710A, VM-H710E, VM-H720,
VM-H720A, VM-H725A, VM-H725LA, VM-H725U,
VM-H755LA, VM-H825, VM-H825LA, VM-H1000, VM-H3875,

Includes charger body, AC plug, car cord(cigarette lighter).

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VM-AC80A, VM-AC82A, VM-AC83A, VM-AC84A, VM-AC85A, hitachi camcorder battery charger